About Me

I was born in 1976 in Istanbul. After completing my primary education at Martyr Lieutenant Kalmaz Primary School in Çankaya, Ankara, I successfully passed the Anatolian High School entrance exam to be entitled to study at Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School. I acquired the right to study at the University Gazi University School of Medicine in 1994, and received my medical diploma in 2001. In 2008, I was entitled to do my favorite job, after completing my specialization training at the Neurosurgery Division of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, where I began to study in 2002. During my military service at Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GATA) in Ankara, I also served at Ankara Medicana International Hospital on a part-time basis. During this period, I represented GATA Hospital in the best possible way at the World Vasospasm Congress in China, by making 5 verbal presentations. After the civil service draw held in 2009, I served at Siirt State Hospital for a period of 500 days. This period, during which I performed 60 surgical procedures per month on average, was one of the important parameters that enhanced my surgical experience. Interesting surgeries that I performed during that period were published as case reports in the journal SCI (Science citation index). My book that I wrote by spending all my spare time at microsurgery laboratories day and night throughout my 6-year neurosurgery education at Hacettepe University was published by Hacettepe University Publications (From Laboratory to Practice in Microneurosurgery ) in 2011. It has also the characteristic of being the first and only laboratory experiment-based neurosurgery book written by neurosurgeons that I created in cooperation with my esteemed teachers Prof. Dr. Tuncalp Ozgen and Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ziyal, two of the doyens in Turkish neurosurgery, who contributed efforts to the book at all Its stages. Between 2011 and 2012, I served at Private Batman Dunya Hospital. During this period, I attended a great number of training sessions and congresses on neurosurgery in many European countries and the United States. In 2012, I moved to Eskisehir and began to serve at Eskisehir Acibadem Hospital. I was entitled to be appointed as a Staff Assistant Professor at Acibadem Hospital, where I have worked for 2 years. In October 2013, after a difficult study period, I successfully passed the exam and gained the right to use the academic title of Associate Professor. In April 2014, I resigned from my jobs at Acibadem Hospital and Acibadem University. After that, I moved to Batman and started working again with intent to make contribution to the establishment of the neurosurgery department of Private Batman Hospital. After completing my duty, I moved to Eskisehir again in January 2016.

My wife Gokce Onal currently serves as an Assistant Professor at Osman Gazi University, Department of Architecture. We have a daughter and a son.

Curriculum Vitae

Name : Mehmet Bülent
Surname : Önal
Birth Date : 08.05.1976
Marital status : Married
Telephone : N/A
E-mail : bulentonal@hotmail.com

Educational Background

License : Gazi University School of Medicine/(Graduation year: 2001)
Specialization Training : Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. Department of Neurosurgery (December 2002 - December 2008)
Military Service : Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GATA), Ankara (2009-2010)
Private Hospital : Medicana International, Ankara (March 2009 -December 2009, on a part-time basis)
Public Service : Siirt State Hospital (December 2009 - May 2011).
Private : Private Batman Hospital (May 2011 - 2012)
University : Eskisehir Acıbadem Hospital
Istanbul Acıbadem University, Assistant Professor Dr.
Associate Professor Doctor (October 10, 2013)
Thesis Subject : Comparison of the vasospasm effects of intrathecal cilostazol and nimodipine treatments, which develop after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Foreign Language :

TOEFL IBT : 84 (March 8, 2013)



Comparison of the vasospasm effects of intrathecal cilostazol and nimodipine treatments, which develop after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage


1. The ninth prize awarded at the 21st Scientific Congress of TND (Turkish Neurosurgical Society) in consequence of the evaluation of the papers of the year.
Endoscopic 3rd ventriculostomy in shunt dysfunction

2. Scientific Research Scholarship granted by the Turkish Neurosurgical Society at the 19th TND congress

3. The international federation of medical student’s associations standing comittee on Professional Exchange
27.07.98- 27.08.98 neurosurgery clerkship on neurosurgery department of Ufa, Russia

4. TND 2012 "Prof. Dr. Hamit Ziya Gokalp Young Neurosurgeon Incentive Award, 3rd prize for Comparison of Nimodipine Delivery Routes in Cerebral Vasospasm After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: An Experimental Study conducted on Rabbits, Mehmet Bulent Onal, Erdinc civelek, Atilla Kırcelli, Ilker Solmaz, Sahin Ugurel, Firat Narin, Ilkay Isikay, Burcak Bilginer, Hakan Yakupoglu, 26th Scientific Congress of the Turkish Neurosurgical Society held on 20-24 April 2012.

5. TND 2012 "Dr. Mahir Tevruz Scientific Research Award, Comparison of Intrathecal flunarizine and nimodipine treatments in cerebral vasospasm after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in rabbits, Erdinc Civelek, Ilker Solmaz, Mehmet Bulent Onal, Atilla Kırcelli, Caglar Temiz, Halil Ibrahim Secer, Yusuf İzci, Engin Gonul, 26th Scientific Congress of the Turkish Neurosurgical Society held on 20-24 April 2012.


1. Biostatistics certificate, 30 April - 15 May 2003 Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine
2. Laboratory animal laboratory certificate in 2004, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine
3. Microsurgery Certificate in 2009, Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GATA)


1. 21st TND Scientific congress in 2007, Antalya, session chairmanship for the Asistant session, educational problems from the perspective of an Asistant.


1. 21st TND Scientific Congress in 2007, Antalya, Session for Neurosurgery Nursing, Parkinson Surgery / Nursing Care intended for Parkinson Surgery


1. M. Bulent Onal, Tuncalp Ozgen, M. İbrahim Ziyal, "From Laboratory to Practice in Microneurosurgery"
Hacettepe University publications, 2011


1. Scuba diving
2. Electric guitar
3. Tennis


1. Turkish Neurosurgery Association membership
2. AOSpine Membership

Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Bulent Onal Hoşnudiye Mah. Acıbadem Sk. No:19 Eskibağlar - Tepebaşı / Eskişehir +90 222 214 44 44 %62%75%6c%65%6e%74%6f%6e%61%6c%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d